Friday, 19 August 2011

Quick tip - tightening the elastic waistband on kids' pants/skirts

Since Mr Fun has moved into size 1 pants, I've been having trouble keeping them up. He needs the length of the 1s, but the waist is too big. Not sure if it's because the elastic is old (they are hand-me-downs from Mr Sociable) or because he is leaner than Mr Sociable was at the same age.

So, I've started sewing in new elastic - but not unpicking the whole waistband, just sewing in new elastic over the top. It takes about 10 mins & it's much cheaper than buying new pants. Just need to get some strong waistband elastic (I buy the 20mm non-roll variety).

Here it is, step-by-step:

Old, stretched-out waistband

 Set your sewing machine to this stitch (like a zig-zag, but with multiple stitches)

 Sew along the end of the elastic to secure it

 Stretch out the elastic while you sew along the top edge

 Sew along the other end of the elastic

 Stretch out the elastic while you sew along the bottom egde

 Finished! (inside view)

 Finished! (outside view)

 Modelled by Mr Fun

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