Saturday, 15 June 2013

Picture frame craft (a gift for Nana)

Today is my Nana's 96th birthday, so this week we have been making her some picture frames as a gift from the boys.

I bought some plain wooden frames from Bunnings.

Decoupage frame
I decided to teach Mr Sociable some simple decoupage. He tore small pieces of coloured tissue paper...

covered sections of the frame in PVA glue and then glued on the pieces of tissue paper. 

Once the frame was completely covered, we coated the tissue paper with PVA and left it to dry.

Once it was dry, I inserted a photo of Mr Sociable. 

Textured silver frame
I was originally planning to make Mr Fun's frame by gluing pasta on the wood. But, had run out of pasta and I had to improvise. I gave him a selection of dried chick peas, popping corn and uncooked rice. We put PVA glue on the frame (one section at a time) and Mr Fun sprinkled the peas, corn and rice onto the glue.

He needed a bit of encouragement to keep going until it was all finished, but we did get there in the end!

Franky sprayed the frame with silver spray paint (this was also from Bunnings) and I inserted a cute picture of Mr Fun.

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