Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mr Sociable's turns 5 and leads a Rescue Party

It was Mr Sociable's 5th birthday on Saturday. It was a very fun (but exhausting) day.

In the morning we walked downstairs to show Mr Sociable his birthday surprise...

(see his excited face!) 
a new bike! A Hot Wheels bike, with a bag at the front filled with markers and flags for racing. It was a big hit!

We let him practise driving around the lounge-room while we made his birthday breakfast. I gave him his number "5" shirt to wear. It has become a bit of a tradition that I make him a number shirt each birthday, which he then delights in wearing for the rest of the year.

After breakfast, we took the kids for a bike-ride at the park (I did make them wait until 8am, to be kind to our neighbours!).

Mr Sociable played with a neighbour and then went to a birthday party of another girl from Prep. When we first received her invitation, I was a bit worried that no-one was going to come to Mr Sociable's party, but it all turned out fine on the day. There were plenty of kids at both parties!

Mr Sociable had a "Rescue Party" at the bike park. He loves police, firemen, paramedics, etc and playing "rescue" with his toys, so I decided to theme the party around that.

Wearing his "police" shirt that I made with iron-on t-shirt transfers
The kids and I made an "emergency room" from a large cardboard box. We covered it in white paper, made a sign for the front and put shoe-boxes inside as beds (unfortunately I only seem to have a photo of the back of it!). I made up little first aid boxes containing bandages and cheap bandaids (these were also in shoe boxes, with a red cross on the top). The kids had a great time covering the toys in bandaids!

The first-aid station
The toys were "rescued" from places around the park (trees, play equipment, etc) and carried to the emergency room on stretchers. I made the stretchers from some old curtain fabric and some broom sticks that I cut in half.

I made my boys matching shirts :)

Franky & I made a rescue helicopter pinata. I made the structure of it and Franky painted it.

I have been to some parties where the pinata is impossible to break open, so I tried not to make it too thick. I don't think I made it quite thick enough (5 layers), as not all the kids got a hit before the pinata broke open. But the kids were soon distracted by the toys, lollies, stickers and tattoos. 

My sister made an awesome "rescue" birthday cake. The kids were very excited and put in requests for parts of a fire-engine, or water, or an ambulance, etc.


We had the party at dinner-time and we looked at a few Christmas lights on the way home. The kids were so excited about the party and the presents that they were up until almost 10pm. We let Mr Sociable open 5 presents when we got home and we saved the rest for the next day. Both kids have enjoyed having new toys to play with this week (although I'm saving a couple of the lego models for an "at home" day in the school holidays).

It's hard to believe that my big boy is 5! He does seem to have suddenly matured this week - he keeps telling me that "5 year olds have good manners" ;)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Happy Birthday Uncle Ben [Wordless Wednesday]

Last weekend, we went on a walk (from Oatley-Como) & had brunch at a Cafe on the water at Como to celebrate Uncle Ben's birthday. 

It was a good chance for Mr Fun to practise riding his new balance bike (he was very slow, but enthusiastic!).

The boys LOVED watching the trains go past!

We went across a bridge, looking at the water and watching trains.

Mr Sociable went exploring with Daddy and Uncle Ben.

We played in the park...

ate breakfast...

and climbed rocks.

Happy Birthday Uncle Ben.

My Little Drummer Boys

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mr Fun is 2

Mr Fun recently turned two years old. He has started to say beautiful things like, "nigh-night, I wu foo"  and funny things like "I did gross" (after wiping his nose). He loves singing and dancing. He loves to read books, play dress-ups and ride his bike. He loves dirt, water, cars and trucks. He loves fire engines.

But his greatest love is trains. Every day, he plays with trains first thing in the morning. He often carries a train or two around with him while doing other things. He loves reading books about trains, he loves watching trains, he loves watching Thomas and Chuggington. 

Holding onto his precious trains
So we celebrated his birthday with a train party. We booked a picnic area at the Thomas Train Shed and we provided our own food and activities. The kids had a great time riding on trains, playing playdoh, painting trains and eating (and eating and eating...).  

Edward train cake (Edward is engine #2)
Train ride on Thomas

Cool biscuits that my sister made 
Painting trains
Riding with Mummy
Mr Fun with Grandpa 
Mr Fun with Gran
Mr Fun with Poh-Poh (waiting for Mummy and
Daddy to finish cleaning up so we could go home...)

Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy! You bring so much laughter and fun to our family. We love to see you learning new things, growing and discovering the person that God made you to be. We are looking forward to many more hours of playing trains, reading Maisy and riding bikes in the next year. 

Love Always, 

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