Friday, 24 May 2013

Alphabet Activities for Playtime (A-D)

This term at Playtime, we are learning about the alphabet. The kids and the parents have been really positive about the activities and songs. I have noticed Mr Fun singing the songs and pointing out the letters while we are out and about. 

We have been using the songs and actions from the Jolly Phonics program ( I have made a poster for each letter (with just one letter and a picture cue on each poster). I really like the Jolly Phonics program because it appeals to different types of learners - visual (the posters), auditory (the songs) and kinaesthetic (the actions for each sound). You can find the songs on YouTube, and buy the book (Jolly Songs) online.

Each week at Playtime, we focus on one letter; we do a craft, a story and teach the relevant song from Jolly Songs.


Craft: Salt-dough ants
I pre-made the ants and baked them in the oven. I used a skewer to poke holes for legs and antennae prior to baking. At Playtime, the kids inserted pipe-cleaners into the holes and glued on googlie eyes with PVA glue. I had planned to get the kids to paint them too, but they were happy with them unpainted, so I decided to save myself some cleaning-up. ;)

Song: Ants on my arm 

Story: We read a Sam the Ant book from the Reading eggs series.


Craft: Butterflies
We gave the kids a butterfly outline. We placed blobs of paint on the paper, then folded it in half. The kids spread the paint around to create beautiful butterfly pictures. 

Song: Bring your bat and bring your ball

Story: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (the caterpillar turns into a butterfly). 


Craft: Castanets
One of the other lovely Mums planned this craft (thanks Cara!) We made castanets from cardboard, stickers and buttons. The kids decorated strips of thick cardboard with crayons and stickers. They then glued buttons inside with PVA glue to make the clicking castanet sound. This craft has been really popular with Mr Fun - he loves clicking his castanets and singing the song.

Song: We are clicking castanets

Story: Cookie Cat


Craft: Drums
This was a really popular craft! Even the kids who don't normally participate in craft time wanted to do this one! I spray-painted empty baby formula tins with gold spray paint. The kids stuck foam pictures to the drums with PVA glue. We then used cheap chopsticks as drumsticks. During story-time, we said a rhyme that involved drumming, so the kids got to test out their new drums.

Song: See me play on my drum

Story: Maisy's Band

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