Thursday, 17 November 2011

The things you can learn from building a lego house!!

Mr Sociable loves to be a "builder". The other day, he walked downstairs wearing his builder hat & carrying a toolbox. He suggested we should draw some plans for building. I got out our new whiteboard crayons (which, incidentally, are really good!) and we decided to draw plans for a house.

He loves this builder's hat! It's a "real" one that belonged to Franky's Dad.
Logical Thinking & Discussion
Mr Sociable drew the house in the order that we would build it. So we talked about each stage of building as he did the drawing. He suggested we should put the windows in first - so we talked about the importance of foundations. We talked about how the parts would fit together and I listened to his creative stories about how people could get to the door in the middle of the wall (I eventually convinced him that stairs might be a good option).

The finished plans
Labeling/Diagrams & Phonics
As Mr Sociable drew each part of the house, I wrote a label. This was a great opportunity to show him how labels work in diagrams. We were also able to talk about the words and sounds (eg. 'window' starts with a 'w'). To extend this activity, you could talk about the other sounds in the word, or ask kids to "find the label that says..."

Super-happy with his house! He still has this
in his room - he can't bear to pull it apart!
Following Instructions
We built the house (mostly) according to the plan. I encouraged Mr Sociable to check the plan to see what we were missing. I reminded him about the order that we developed when we drew the plans and we followed that order to build the house.

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