Monday, 7 November 2011

I love... cloth nappies (most of the time)

We decided that we would use cloth nappies before Mr Sociable was born. I did a lot of research into MCNs (Modern Cloth Nappies) and, for the most part, have been pretty happy with my choices. Mr Sociable was in cloth during the day, disposables at night. Since I bought some great night nappies, Mr Fun is in cloth 95% of the time.

So, I thought I share what I love about MCNs:

1. Economy! I love that I save about $10/week in disposable nappies by using cloth. 

2. Once you have bought a set, you can use them for subsequent babies. The Baby Beehinds (BBH) fitted nappies can be used from birth right up to toilet training - so one set is enough (so long as you don't get lured by the pocket nappies, all-in-ones, night nappies, etc). I bought most of my nappy stash when Mr Sociable was a baby and am still using them for Mr Fun (just bought some replacement covers, which are relatively cheap).

BBH Fitted - 6 weeks old (Mr Fun)

3. Easy to put on. Some MCNs go on just like a disposable (the pocket nappies and AIOs), others are like two disposables (a fitted nappy + a cover).

BBH Fitted - 4 months old (Mr Fun)
4. Not contributing to land-fill. Every time we go on holidays (and I use disposables), I am horrified by the amount of space that nappies take up in the bin. 

5. They look cute! Look at this beautiful cloth bot :) No need to cover up with pants on hot days!

Greenkids Pocket - 14 months
BBH Magicall - 14 months
6. Clean up is pretty easy, if you line them with flushable liners.

7. Never run out of nappies. Don't have to rush down to Coles late at night because the nappies are all gone :)

8. Washing is surprisingly easy. They don't need to be soaked in napisan or bleach. They get dry-pailed (put into an empty nappy bucket) and washed every second day. In the washing machine, they need one cold water rinse cycle (to rinse out all the yucky stuff), then a warm water wash. The nappies take up about half a load in the machine, so I tend to do nappies & kids clothes together. On alternate days, I do other washing (Franky & my clothes, towels, sheets etc.).

2 days worth of nappies
9. They are a great present. I was lucky enough to receive a large part of my nappy stash as presents from grandparents. I have recently bought some to give to cloth-nappy-using friends when they have babies.

10. You can buy them second-hand if you are looking for a cheaper option. Or, you can often get specials on Modern Parents Vintage Ways.

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