Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

Every morning I spring out of bed ready to start a new day. I cheerfully make breakfast for my family and have interesting conversation at the table. My house is spotless - the children keep all their toys in the bedroom and happily play in there. I am always organised - never late for an appointment, never forget to RSVP, never forget to reply to an email or SMS. I am always fun - constantly thinking of great activities to do with Mr Sociable - and never feel bored playing "cars". I always make time for my friends, even when I have only had 3 hours sleep in the past 3 days. I always cook nutritious meals that my family love to eat.

Ha! If only! Just in case you were wondering, I'm not perfect. In fact, most of the time I'm just getting by. I've been enjoying reading some of the "imperfectly perfect" blog posts on a link up from Kate at Picklebums - laughing in agreement with some of the other Mummies, as they share their "perfect imperfections". So, here are some of mine...

1. I drink too much of this

and not enough of this

2. I often forget to RSVP to things (or RSVP late).

3. I don't have a 3 second rule. It's a "within the same meal" rule. I pick up dropped food from the floor and give it to my kids.

4. I don't like slime growing on the bath chair - but not enough to dry it every day. I try to ignore the slime (don't worry Mandy - your chair is safely at my Mum's place).

5. I sometimes forget to shower.

6. My washing baskets stay here much longer than they should.

7. I LOVE to start new things - new books, new sewing projects, new ways of organising things, new parenting strategies. But I'm a bit too ambitious about how many things I can juggle...

8. I rarely make our beds (unless we are having friends over who may go into the bedrooms to put their kids to sleep)

 9. I have lost my wallet and my phone (twice!) by leaving them on top of the car and driving away. And yet, I still put things on the roof of the car when strapping kids into their car-seats!!

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