Thursday, 3 November 2011

Going to the Farm

Earlier this week, we went to Calmsley Hill Farm. I recently discovered that I can get free entry as a teacher (hooray!), so it made for a relatively inexpensive day out. I love doing stuff like this with my kids - having fun, creating memories, learning together. Provided I am well-organised, I enjoy these "adventures" (and this time we were joined by some lovely friends!).

Mr Sociable and I spent the first hour or so sitting in the car-park, having a picnic and waiting for Mr Fun to wake up.

First stop was the cow-milking and the animal nursery. Mr Fun thought the goats were great - until they got a bit too close!

The kids really enjoyed the kangaroos and wallabies enclosure. Mr Sociable decided to "be" a kangaroo - to encourage the kangaroos to jump!

Being a kangaroo
Of course, the dirt was very exciting too.
We went on a tractor ride. We were the only people on it, so the ride was very bumpy (apparently it's not so bad when the seats are full of people). Still, it was nice to drive around the farm, see some calves and admire the view.

Waiting to go on the tractor

We spent quite a long time in the playground. The ground underneath is mostly dirt - which the boys thought was excellent - but they were pretty grubby at the end!

The gates are just as interesting as the animals...

Mr Fun, age 1
Mr Sociable, age 3
We went to the sheep-shearing show. Mr Sociable got to take home a piece of (stinky) wool! It has been washed a couple of times since coming home.

What a fun day! The kids had a great time, saw lots of animals, learnt new things, got really dirty and were thoroughly exhausted at the end! They fell asleep in the car on the way home and stayed there for a long time ;)

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