Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Easy Christmas T-shirts

I like making Christmas t-shirts for my kids to wear on Christmas day. T-shirts are a great reminder about the true centre of Christmas (Jesus!). A couple of years ago, I used iron-on t-shirt transfers that I bought at Officeworks. They looked great on Christmas Day, but they did start to crack after a few washes.

This year, I decided to paint shirts instead. I bought some cheap, plain t-shirts at Kmart. I used some old fabric paint that we had in the cupboard and some embossing stencils that I used to use to make cards (about 15 years ago...). I just taped the stencils onto the fabric & used a paintbrush to brush the paint onto the fabric.

The nativity scene design
I made these "girl" shirts my my friend's little girls.
Mr Fun's shirt
I made Mr Sociable's t-shirt by painting the design onto some red fabric, then cutting out the red rectangle and overlocking it. I haven't actually attached it yet (as I haven't yet prewashed the black t-shirt), but I'm planning to use some iron-on adhesive and stitching.

Mr Sociable is very into black at the moment.

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