Sunday, 27 November 2011

Going to the Christmas Tree Farm

Today we made our annual trip to the Christmas Tree Farm to choose ourselves a Christmas tree. We started going when Mr Sociable was 1 (although he was asleep in the car that year!). Last year, we let Mr Sociable "help" Daddy to saw the tree. He really looks forward to this special day - and actually asks about it during the year. We weren't planning to go until next weekend (first weekend of December), but it was a beautiful day & the weather has been so changeable lately that we thought we would take the opportunity to go!

Daddy and Mr Sociable sawing the tree
Wheeling the tree up to the car on a trolley (the ground was apparently too boggy to drive the car down).
The boys played in the backyard with Gran while Franky and I put the lights on the tree. Once the lights were on, we invited them inside to help decorate. They were both excited by the lights and all the shiny decorations!

Mr Sociable was not particularly interested in putting decorations on the tree (although pulling them off the tree was a fun game!). He did try to put the thai takeaway menu on the tree though...

We finished decorating the tree while Franky went to get takeaway for dinner. We were all worn out ;)

Finished tree, by daylight (and before I put the playpen around it).
Lights on (and the playpen in place).
I love getting a "real" tree at Christmas. I love that we have started this tradition with our kids. I love sitting in front of the tree at night and looking at the lights. I love that our house smells like Christmas - brings back so many memories of childhood Christmases.

What Christmas traditions do you have in your family?

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