Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas Presents for Teachers

Mr Sociable started preschool last year. In mid-December, I suddenly realised that I had four extra presents to buy (the culture at his preschool is to buy a gift for each of the teachers). I like the idea of giving a present at Christmas, to thank the teachers for their hard work during the year and to wish them a happy holiday.

I asked my teacher-friends on FB for some suggestions and received lots of great ideas. I've included a list of their ideas below. I decided to buy the teachers each a glass ornament (found some pretty ones at Freedom). Mr Sociable and I also made them rocky-road Christmas trees (which, in addition to tasting great, make a pretty table decoration). 

This year, I have put together a Christmas table decoration for each of the teachers.

I found some Christmas bowls at Bunnings, bought some plain white candles and lined the base of the bowls with shiny black rocks. Finally, I wrapped them up with cellophane & ribbon.

For those who are still thinking about what to buy your kids' teachers, here are some suggestions from my teacher-friends:
* flowers/plant/poinsettia
* a fancy glass Christmas ornament (quite a few people recommended ornaments - something to remember the child by each year as you hang it on the tree)
* quality bath products
* movie tickets
* nice Christmas plate/bowl
* a good book to relax with
* a good hand cream (teachers of young kids wash their hands a lot!)
* baked goods
* lollies in a nice tea towel
* "the best pressies have not been the tangible ones... it was sincere thanks from the students for a great year...not much help I know!"
* scratch and sniff stickers

You can find some more suggestions here.

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