Sunday, 27 November 2011

Quick tip - satisfying the soap enthusiast

When Mr Sociable started washing his own hands, we started to use a lot of soap. He likes his hands to be full of soap, then spends a lot of time washing the bubbles away.

I don't mind his hands getting a good wash - but I prefer not to use a bottle of soap every week! So, I started to use the self-foaming soap. He still feels like he is getting a handful of soap - but really, it is mostly bubbles.

The trick is, that the foaming action actually comes from the bottle. So once you buy the bottle, you can just water down regular liquid hand soap. I use about 1 part soap:4 parts water. You may need to adjust the amounts of soap and water, depending on the brand of soap you buy. Once you've mixed it up, the consistency of the soap should be like water.

This is a self-foaming shampoo that I bought just for the bottle (and it does smell nice too!).
We've almost finished it, so it will soon be filled with hand-wash.

This bottle is pretty old - I'm not sure if you can even get this anymore!

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