Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lazy Fried Rice

I've recently lost my love of cooking. I think it started about a month ago, when Mr Fun decided that it is torturous to see Mummy in the kitchen and not be in there too. He SQUEALS on the outside of the child-proof gate. I've never heard anything like it - it's piercing, ear-splitting and drives me insane!!

Our kitchen is not really big enough for him to play in there safely while I am cooking. Nothing will placate him, apart from being in the kitchen with me. So, I'm spending as little time in there as possible at the moment (or trying to prepare food while he is eating/asleep). This fried rice "recipe" is super quick. He still squeals for the duration - but at least it's 20mins of squealing, rather than 45-60mins ;)

2 packets of Coles crunchy noodle salad mix (I don't use the sauce or crunchy noodles - you can save them for another time)
frozen peas (maybe 1/2 a cup?)
1 kg mince
4 cups cooked rice
soy sauce

Heat some oil in a wok & brown the mince. Add the frozen peas & the vegies from the salad mix and cook until the vegies start to wilt. Stir through the rice & soy sauce (to taste). Serve plain, or with chilli sauce.

That's it! No preparation, but very yummy! It is not as cheap as making it from scratch, but the salad mix is only $3/bag - so it's still much cheaper and healthier than a takeaway. And, it's a winner with my family...

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