Monday, 14 November 2011

Going down the coast (without kids)

This weekend, Franky and I went away - with no kids! The boys went to stay with my Mum - which they love. We used to do this a few times a year, but hadn't gone away since Mr Fun was born. Both Franky and I think it's really important to have time like this that we can spend together - enjoying each others' company and relating as a couple (rather than parents). I relax much more easily when I am away from home - when there is no temptation to clean, or wash, or cook, or pay bills, or garden, or... [insert other household chore here].

At the beach
This morning, I was reflecting on how much I still like spending time with Franky (which is good - because we are planning on being married for a long time!). We went to the beach, ate yummy food, went swimming, went for walks, pottered around the shops, watched a movie, had great conversation and good sleep. We slept for over 9 hours without being woken by a little person!!! It was very nice :) If you are married, I encourage you to book in a weekend to go away together (I had to block out a date a month in advance on the calendar). It doesn't have to cost a lot - we are considering going camping next time. But, if you feel like something a bit more luxurious, we have stayed in some great hotels quite cheaply by using "mystery hotels" on or

A king-size bed that we didn't have to share with children. Bliss!
Ready to go out for dinner
Walking on the rocks
My take-home reminder of a wonderful weekend, full of fun in the sun!

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