Saturday, 29 October 2011

Taking the Little Lohs to a restaurant

Tonight we went out for dinner with my Dad and step-mum to a local Vietnamese restaurant. We used to be regulars there (pre-kids), but go much less frequently now. I was a bit unsure about how the kids would behave - they were both tired and we don't take them to restaurants very often. But, the evening went really well! The boys were great - they ate heaps of fried rice, charmed their grandparents and generally were very pleasant.

Our usual "restaurant" choice for kids looks more like this.... *ashamed*
So, my tips for wrangling little kids in a restaurant:
1. Take a portable high-chair (restaurant ones can be gross & don't always have a tray, which makes it difficult for toddlers to feed themselves).
2. Ask for a table near the fish-tank (or mirror, or anything else of interest to kids). It can be a welcome diversion if kids get restless.
3. Take activities to do at the table while waiting for food to arrive (Mr Fun "typed" on an old keyboard on his highchair, Mr Sociable put stickers into his Tonka Truck book).
4. Order something for the kids as soon as you arrive. The adults took a while to choose what to order tonight, but I ordered some fried rice for the kids. They were happily eating while the adults waited for their food.
5. Take PJs in the car that the kids can get changed into after dinner - then they are ready to put straight into bed when you get home (handy if they fall asleep in the car!).

What are your tips for kids in restaurants?

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