Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mr Fun is one

Mr Fun is ONE*! This year has gone by so quickly! It doesn't seem that long ago that he was a helpless newborn, sleeping in my arms and smelling like milk. Now he is an adventurer - getting in mischief, exploring new things, climbing stairs, eating "interesting" things from the garden, saying a few words and rumbling with his brother.

On his birthday, we had a banana bread breakfast and went to playgroup.

Licking banana bread beaters
Birthday breakfast
Opening his present from Mummy and Daddy
The next day we had a party at our house, with some of our extended family. 

Learning about balloons - he popped 2 before the party started
Our family, at lunch

My sister made a delicious cake, shaped like a drum - one of Mr Fun's favourite things!

Cutting the cake
Mr Fun was not too sure about cake!
 I love getting lots of pics of family at events like this. So here are a few...

My Dad (Grandpa)
My Mum (Gran)
My grandmother (Nana)
Franky's Mum (Poh-Poh)
Rumbling with Daddy
Mummy with Mr Fun
We tried hard to get a photo of the four of us.
I don't love this photo, but it's the best one from the day.
Mr Sociable played with his "build it" toy.
*He actually turned one at the beginning of September, but I've been waiting on a few photos before blogging about this.

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