Sunday, 23 October 2011

I love... the cordless vacuum

Ok, lame - I know ;)

But to give you some context, our floor looks like this after most meals:

With 2 young kids, meal times are very messy. Before getting a cordless vac, I was crawling under the table, sweeping the floor with a brush and pan, up to 4 times a day!

A few weeks ago, my Mum loaned me her ergorapido. As soon as I used it, I loved it! It's lightweight & cordless - so really easy to use (even Mr Sociable can do it!). It's not as noisy as the "big" vacuum, so Mr Fun is not scared of it. It lives on a charger, ready for a quick vac under the table, or a once-over of the whole downstairs.

When my Mum saw how much I love it, she very generously offered to leave it with me. Thanks Mum!

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