Monday, 17 October 2011

Dinner from our neglected garden

Things have been pretty hectic the past month (as I've been organising a weekend away for my church) and my garden has not received much attention. The weekend away was excellent (I'll post more about that soon). Now that it is finished, it's time to get my house back in order!

Today, I spent some time in my neglected garden. I did a bit of weeding, put in some new stakes and trimmed some plants that have gone to seed (the parsley and broccolini plants were covered in flowers!)

Broccolini flowers
The small amount of edible broccolini
In the process, I picked a few different types of spinach, which are growing great-guns.
These are actually "baby spinach" leaves. I put the pepsi can there so you can get an idea of size!

Perpetual Spinach
I chopped them up...
All chopped up, ready to cook - look at all those healthy greens!
added a few extra vegies, and made a delicious salmon/vegie slice for dinner :)

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