Monday, 3 October 2011

Funny Moments in Lohtown #1

I've recently decided to try and archive some of our "funny" family memories. I'm in the process of reading through all of my facebook posts (since 2007) & have really been enjoying remembering the funny moments in family life. I'm planning on a series of posts that record those precious & funny moments of daily life. 

Funny/cute memories of Mr Sociable (12-23 months)
He locked me out of the house (13 months)

He decided that the baby gate was no longer going to stop him climbing the stairs... (14 months) 

Working out a strategy
and over!
He worked out how to throw a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet (15 months)

I posted this on facebook - "[I am watching Mr Sociable] eat lunch and blow snot bubbles at the same time - and people say that boys can't multi-task!" (16 months)

I tried to teach Mr Sociable" to cuddle a baby using a doll. He walked over to the doll, looked like he was going to pick her up, but smacked her in the head instead! Oh dear! lol" (17 months)

"no more tickle tickle" (18 months)

"mummy cuggle" (18 months)

Mr S: "knock, knock" Me: "who's there?" Mr S: "door" Me: "who's at the door?" Mr S: "outside" (18 months) 

He always wanted to be outside!
I discovered Mr Sociable standing up on the change-table bouncing up and down! He had climbed up there to retrieve his dummies off the chest of drawers, then decided to throw a few other things on the floor at the same time... (18 months)
I tried to convince him that dirt tastes "yuck" not "mmmm" as he told me! (18 months)

Mr Sociable was convinced our GP was "Dr Maisy" (19 months)

One day, he found a "stone" to play with in the park. I suspected it was actually dog poo! (19 months)

Our local park - home of many "stones"!
Mr Sociable closed his eyes, out of the blue, and said "Dear God, Amen." (19 months)

This beautiful video I found of a conversation we had (19 months):

Mr Sociable fell over and said "sorry me" (20 months)

He loved to watch "more biggabugga" [kookaburras] on YouTube (20 months)

The "bigga-buggas" that we saw at a farm
* Mr Sociable once picked up his slinky and said 'more stinky' (21 months)  * Making pizza with Mr Sociable at this age was a competition - who is faster? Mummy putting the toppings on, or him picking them off? (21 months)  * Mr S: play stones!!! Me: Those stones are dirty. I don't want you to play with them. Mr S: Mummy wash them? (23 months)  * Mr Sociable loved to sing "Mary had a Little Man" and was convinced that his version was correct! (23 months)

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