Monday, 3 October 2011

Family adventure at the Powerhouse Museum

Today we decided to take the kids on an adventure - to the Powerhouse Museum. I have wanted to see the Wiggles exhibition since it opened. I also REALLY wanted to get our (cabin-fevered) kids out of the house! It was a fantastic day. The kids enjoyed the train trip & the museum itself was awesome, despite the construction work that is happening at the moment.
Train ride
We watched a robot kids show. It had lots of singing and dancing - not much science - but still fun!

Excited to be at the robot show!
We wandered around and looked at some exhibits.
The steam train
The plasma ball
We went to an awesome kids area called The Magic Garden.
This pond was like a "smart board" on the floor - the ripples and fish responded to kids' movement
A cool "green screen" game that responded to kids' movement
Finally, the Wiggles Exhibition!!! This part was so cool! Lots of interactive stuff for kids as well as history, memorabilia etc for adults.

The talking door
Listening to an interview with one of the Wiggles
Making "fruit salad"
Dancing to the Wiggles
Repairing the Big Red Car
An interactive maze
Dorothy was swinging and singing
Both kids liked the steering wheel!
A kaleidoscope telescope
Pirate treasure!
"Resting" in the pirate ship
Mr Fun loved climbing in this dinghy
Hanging out in the Big Red Car
Waiting for the train... Mr Sociable was tired;
Mr Fun was HUNGRY (we forgot that he hadn't had lunch...)

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