Friday, 28 October 2011

"I'm always p-ick-ing flowers..."*

Mr Sociable and I both love flowers. We grow a few in our garden and we always enjoy looking at other people's gardens when we go for a walk. A month or so ago, I suggested that we should collect some flowers to make a birthday card for one of his friends. We went for a long walk, and collected lots of different types of flowers (we even picked some weeds - dandelions & clover flowers!)

We laid out the flowers on paper, in an old flower press I have from when I was little.

Gran helping to lay out the flowers
It was a bit tricky to make the roses lie flat
The press all put together and ready to go.
After a few weeks, we had a look at our flowers. Some of the flowers looked great (eg. the lavender, clover, dandelions). Others went a bit mouldy (eg. the roses and grevilleas). I did some research after the fact & apparently I should have used more absorbent (blotting) paper & also changed the paper regularly. Live and learn!

Anyway, Mr Sociable was pretty happy with the finished result and we made a card for his friend's birthday. She loved it!

L-R: Lavender, clover, dandelion & some pink flowers from the dirt-pit.
* For those who don't recognise the reference in the title, it's a Wiggles song.

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