Thursday, 15 September 2011

Quick tip - kids' activity books

A few months ago, I bought a "preschool learning" activity book for Mr Sociable (because I wanted to use my A&R voucher before they closed down!). It's been sitting in my cupboard for months, not being used. There was something too wasteful about using that $12.95 coloured activity book - each page would only be written on once, then put in the recycling. I couldn't do it!

But, then I had an idea... I used a craft knife to cut the pages out & laminated them. Not every page, but lots of them. We now have laminated letter-tracing, number tracing, dot-to-dot, shape-matching, mazes, etc. Although this may seem like a lot of effort (and plastic), I now have a learning resource that Mr Sociable can use over and over, then pass on to younger siblings/friends.

The great advantage of using the book this way is that Mr Sociable can now gain mastery over activities and actually enjoy them (whiteboard markers are always fun!). This morning I showed him how to do a maze. I rubbed it out and he did it again. I went outside to do the washing while he completed the maze again (at his request!).

Completing the maze independently
It always surprises me that kids are happy to keep doing the same activity - but I think they enjoy the feeling of success that comes with knowing what to do. I am hoping that as he learns to do more of these activities, that he will be able to sit and "work" at the table independently while I cook dinner etc.

Practising tracing 'A' - we did this activity together


Laura T said...

We have this same book! Zac loved it, I wish I had laminated it, especially the mazes..

TC said...

The book looks great! Would love to buy a copy for my almost 3 yr old daughter. What is the title and who is the author/publisher? Thanks!

Erin said...

The publisher is School Zone Publishing Company. It was a book with an additional CD-rom of activities to do on the computer. I threw the cover out, but I think this is the right title:

TC said...

Thanks Erin!

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