Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Washing baskets, your days are numbered!

My kids love to play in the washing baskets.
Mr Sociable @ 7 months
Mr Fun @ 5 months
Mr Sociable playing "rescue" with friends in our garage
Mr Fun @ 10 months
Unfortunately, washing baskets were not made for this kind of play. They don't last very long in our house!

Yes, I do have a lot of baskets...
So, as they break, I am replacing them with IKEA bags.
The bags fit about the same amount as a washing basket (1 load of washing). They pack up small. They are easy to carry. They are durable (and not so tempting for the kids to play with).

2 IKEA bags folded up under my laundry sink
What will my kids play with?

Boxes ;)


Julie said...

Great idea! But you still have a few baskets to get through yet!

Erin said...

Yeah, I do! But we've lost 2 in the past month ;)

I am considering just donating the rest to Vinnies. I'll see how we are going with the IKEA bags after a couple of weeks :)

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