Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I love... pancakes

Today, I have no bread and no car. I knew last night that we had finished the bread and I meant to cook some in the breadmaker, but forgot. So we are having pancakes for breakfast! Everyone in our house loves pancakes (that's what we call them - but really, they have the consistency of pikelets). They are quick and easy to make, but still feel like a "special" breakfast (so I'm kind of glad I forgot to make bread...).

We have pancakes quite a lot, so here's what I've learned:
1. Use a good non-stick pan. I actually have a special non-stick pan reserved only for pancakes and eggs - I have found that cooking meat in the same pan wrecks the surface & causes the pancakes to stick.
2. Use low heat to cook. Because my pancakes are a bit thicker than most, cooking on low heat ensures that they are cooked all the way through, without burning on the outside.

Saturday morning pancakes
Lohtown Sweet* Pancakes
2 cups self-raising flour
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 cup milk

Mix ingredients. Scoop out blobs onto a non-stick frypan & cook until small bubbles appear on the top surface.

Small bubbles on the top-side - ready to turn
Turn over to cook the other side. Put cooked pancakes onto a cooling rack. Serve with honey, jam, sugar/lemon, or vegemite (which my kids like!).

* I looked at some recipes on Taste this morning & realised that I use a more sugar than others do. The pancakes are quite sweet - nice to eat, even without a topping.


Julie said...

Interesting. I've never used sugar. Our pancake recipe uses 300g plain flour, 60g butter, 2 cups milk, and 3 eggs. We usually put a sweet topping on (e.g. honey or jam or berries), so these are sweet enough for us.

glorya said...

I love how you started this bread, no car. But you have strawberries and lemon!!! what can go wrong :)

I really wanted to have pancakes for dinner after reading this. But I could not bring myself to cook more food, or to create more washing.


Erin said...

Julie - I never really thought about ours being sweet, until my Mum told me that she doesn't put any sugar in hers (which explains why it didn't seem weird to eat them with vegemite).

Glorya - I actually took that picture on a different day. But, we probably did have strawberries - we are eating at least a punnet a day at the moment!
I still have no car. Hopefully will get it back on Thursday. It's actually been quite nice to walk more & to just make do with the things we already have rather than going out to buy more.

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