Friday, 9 September 2011

Amazing Adventures with Coloured Rice

Up until recently, I've only seen coloured rice in shakers. But this week, I've been inspired by some ideas posted in a preschool activities facebook group I belong to. So, Mr Sociable and I have been experimenting with rice-play and having lots of fun!

A shaker Mr Sociable made at Sunday School
We mixed the rice with some food colouring and a small squirt of hand gel in a snaplock bag (yes, we used snaplocks - sorry Glorya!). Apparently the gel helps the colour to spread more evenly and the rice to dry quicker.

Yesterday, we made a poster for Daddy.

I used clag clear gum to write the words. Mr Sociable sprinkled the rice over the words.

Today, we tried putting the rice through the sand/water wheel.

Then we made a garden.

The red is the driveway, green grass, a blue pool.
Adding stones as the pool edging. The yellow is the sandpit.
Flowers (foam shapes) in the garden, people in the pool and sandpit, bike in the driveway.
Very happy with his handiwork!
Once the colours were all mixed up, Mr Sociable had fun with a digger.


We had a treasure hunt.

Finally, Mr Sociable made a "pond" with stones, frogs and insects.

The verdict? Definite winner! Mr Sociable played rice for almost 2 hours today! We have left the mixed-up rice in the container, ready to use another day.

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Julie said...

I know! I'm pretty inspired by the rice ideas too. I just need to get myself some hand gel!

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