Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I love... Spring!

This is such an awesome time of year :) After months of cold dreary weather & sick kids, I love the warm sunny days in spring. I love...

the perfume of jasmine flowers

Our newly-acquired vine, courtesy of Franky's Mum
beautiful magnolia flowers

Port-wine magnolia
seeing new growth on the trees

Our blood orange tree - which, until recently, had looked a little sad
playing outside with my kids

Mr Sociable in his "dirt pit" (which is currently full of the sticks he
collected when we pruned a tree on the weekend)
the promise of fruit to come

Our dwarf lemon tree, covered in buds and small fruit
deciduous trees coming back to life

The beginnings of new leaves on the fig tree
lying in the sun (although it doesn't happen very often!)

Photographed by Mr Sociable ;)
washing drying outside on the line
Mr Sociable helping to bring in the dry washing
What do you love about Spring?


Julie said...

Oh, I love the magnolia. Is that yours? I want one for our yard, but worried that it looks a bit boring (like sticks!) for 11 months of the year!

Erin said...

It is ours. The port wine one is actually evergreen - so it looks beautiful and lush all through winter, then you get beautiful flowers in spring.

Anonymous said...

I love the beautiful days and all the new bushes out in flower. x :)

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