Thursday, 8 September 2011

I hide vegies

I use my grater a lot. Grated carrot and zucchini goes into lots of our weekly meals (pasta sauce, lasagne, pizza sauce, vegie pies, burritos, hamburger patties, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets). I used to feel guilty about hiding vegies - like I wasn't being a "good" Mum, wasn't teaching my kids how to enjoy vegies. But, I have found that I am not alone. I've met and read about other Mums who are trying to give their kids a healthy diet - even if it involves a little bit of grating! I love the VegieSmugglers blog. I enjoyed reading Deceptively Delicious (although her system involved too much pureeing & freezing for me!). I still offer the "obvious" fruit/vegies, in the hope that one day Mr Fun will eat them. But, in the meantime, I know that he is still getting daily vegetable intake (although it looks more like a muffin or chicken nugget!).

My replacement grater (the old one finally packed it in, after a couple of years of daily use!

Are you a vegie hider?


Damien said...

I would try some of those vegie smugglers recipes, but I think if I were to make them for myself it would defeat the purpose :p

Erin said...

lol Damien :)

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