Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sharing some of my favourite childhood toys with my kids (Wordless Wednesday)

Mr Sociable was exhibiting all the signs of cabin fever - jumping around, whining about having no-one to play with, testing Mummy's patience, deliberately irritating his brother. I decided that some novel toys were in order, so I dug out a box of my "special" toys from when I was a kid. My boys had lots of fun!

The slinky

The yo-yo
Mr Fun liked dragging this along the ground
The view-master
Mr Sociable found it hard to believe that this doesn't have a light inside -
that it actually worked better when he faced the window

My fan
"How is this a fan?"
The yo-ball (do you remember these? They are like a yo-yo, but they automatically retract).

Laser spinner (I used to love this! Bought it at Questacon). 

My favourite, most precious, Happy Meal toys :)

My matchbox lockable safe

Transfers - these ones are yogi bear (I also have some farm ones, super-heroes & space/soldiers)

What precious toys have you kept from childhood? Do you let your kids play with them?

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