Saturday, 24 December 2011

The end of advent (and some Christmas craft success)

Last day of advent today :) We have been a bit more laid-back with the advent activities this week. We haven't been opening all of the advent parcels (we have skipped some days/activities) and we have been focusing on reading Christmas books, rather than the short bible passages. We have had some successes with craft though...

* Christmas tree ornaments made from pipe-cleaners and beads

* Some Christmas chalk drawings on the pavers. These were drawn by Daddy and coloured by Mr Sociable. It was a great chance for them to chat about Christmas things.

* Christmas gingerbread biscuits - I made and decorated these without kid-help (can you tell??).

* Collage picture of the shepherds and angels that Mr Sociable made for my Nana. We will give it to her at Christmas celebration tomorrow.

* Mr Sociable glued the pasta onto a paper plate with PVA. I gave him some suggestions ("more pasta", "look, there is a gap there", etc.), but otherwise he pretty much did it himself. Once the PVA glue was dry, I sprayed it with silver paint. It is hanging on our front door.

I pray you have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow, spending time with family or friends, and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

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