Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas in the City (advent day 10)

Today is Day 10 of our advent calendar and the activity was to go to the city to see the Christmas decorations. We all had a great day (and we are exhausted tonight!).

The window displays at David Jones had a Christmas carol theme. Each window had the music for a different carol, with moving marionette-style puppets. The first question my engineer-in-the-making son asked was, "How do they move Mummy?" I pointed out the strings that were attached to the puppets, but that was not sufficient... "But what makes the strings move?"

Next, we stopped for sushi lunch. This was the first time Mr Sociable had tried sushi. Sadly, he doesn't seem to share Mummy and Daddy's love of raw fish!

We went to the Queen Victoria Building to see the Christmas decorations. Mr Sociable loved the model train display at Hobbyco. The kids watched the musical clock at midday and were mesmerised by the Santa area. I'm not really into Santa, but if I were planning to take my kids for a Santa pic, this is the place I would do it. The lights and crystals in this beautiful Santa area were quite magical!

Up on Daddy's shoulders to watch the train display
Waiting for the clock to start
Santa was inside here
The Christmas tree in the QVB was enormous. The kids loved touching the lights on the trunk, and even obliged me with a few photos!

The top of the tree...
and the trunk (see Mr Fun's look of delight?)

Next we went to Myer to chose a Christmas ornament for our tree. I really liked this idea, but it proved to be more difficult than I expected. For starters, the Christmas stuff is on the same level as the toys. You need to walk through the toys to get to the decorations - so it took us quite a while! Once we got to the decorations, I soon realised that they are mostly glass & that Mr Sociable is not quite as gentle as he thinks. We ended up being followed by a saleperson until we had finished making our selection! On the up-side, the decorations were 40% off and we didn't actually break anything.

Soooo much cool lego! (that Harbour Bridge is lego too)
Mr Sociable, feeling very clever
"Be careful with those ornaments."
We walked to Darling Harbour while Mr Fun had a snooze. We bought Mr Sociable his first gelato and went to the new playground. It was lots of fun. Mr Fun soon woke up and wanted to join in!

Mr Fun was tuckered out; Mr Sociable was so excited to see a fountain
Mmmm... gelato from Gelatissimo
Mr Sociable loved all the climbing stuff at this park!
It was nice and cool in these tunnels - we spent a long time in here!
The big slide
The merry-go-round
On the way back to the station, we saw this water feature that I remember visiting with my Mum when I was a kid. Mr Sociable thought it was very cool.

Tonight we added the new ornament to our Christmas tree. It's probably not what I would have chosen myself, but Mr Sociable really likes it! (and it does match all the other mirror balls that we already have on the tree....).

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