Monday, 19 December 2011

Parachute play for a rainy day

We've had a lot of rain in recent weeks (and months...). So, we've been spending lots of time indoors. Mr Sociable is a bit anti-craft at the moment, so I have been thinking of other activities to occupy us. Last week, while preparing stuff for Mr Sociable's birthday party, I bought some parachute men (in the party aisle at the supermarket). One afternoon, when I needed some entertainment for Mr Sociable, I pulled out one of the parachute men and put it together (yes, I was a little disappointed to discover that they don't come pre-assembled). We tried standing on chairs and throwing them up in the air, then we tried dropping them down the staircase. Both boys loved this activity! Mr Sociable stood at the top, dropping the parachute over the side. Mr Fun and I stood at the bottom, catching the parachute man.

Mr Sociable played this game for a long time. He also tried tying the parachute to his car and running along with the parachute. It was a great activity for an "inside" day.

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