Saturday, 17 December 2011

My big boy turns 4

Mr Sociable turned 4 this week. Amazing! I can barely remember life pre-kids - seems like a lifetime ago (I guess it is - his lifetime!). We have had some lovely celebrations this week and I'm thankful that things are now looking pretty quiet for us until Christmas.

Looking very handsome in his new costume!
On Wednesday, Mr Sociable took a cake to preschool. It was my practice cake - perfecting the shape and the consistency of the icing. I did feel a bit bad about sending a cake to preschool that had red icing and lollies - until I found out that the teachers gave the kids a lolly-pop each to keep them quiet during the Christmas concert! Then I figured, what's a bit more sugar? ;)

The preschool cake
On his actual birthday, we opened presents in the morning and ate pancakes for breakfast. We wanted to fit this in before Franky went to work, so I actually made the pancakes the night before & just reheated them in the morning! Mr Sociable was stoked with the Mack truck and Lightening McQueen that we gave him. Throughout the day, he kept telling me how much he "loves" them & how he was lucky to have "so many" presents for his birthday. It gave me joy to see how much he appreciated the gifts :)

Opening the kite from Mr Fun
Thank you kisses
Both boys wanted to play!
Special number 4 pancakes that I piped with an icing bag
Lightening McQueen, Mater and Mack had to come to the table too
We went to swimming lessons, as normal, and Gran came over in the afternoon. She gave Mr Sociable the biggest, noisiest fire engine toy I have ever seen. It's going to live at Gran's place!

I made the cake for the party and the kids enjoyed licking the beaters.

Mr Sociable requested fish fingers for dinner, which he helped me to make. Gran brought a cake to have after dinner (our family recipe chocolate cake - yum!).

We had an afternoon party at a bike park. The kids had so much fun riding around - the time flew past! We had a BBQ for dinner and had (another!) cake. Poor Mr Fun was sick, but managed to hold it together until we got home (when he started to scream and scream and scream....).

Our family and friends gave Mr Sociable so many generous gifts that he actually hasn't opened them all yet! He only opens a few at a time and then just wants to play with the new presents. I have been trying not to rush him to open them (because I am naturally task-oriented & just want him to finish the job!). I want him to be able to appreciate the gifts & be thankful for others' generousity. Hopefully tomorrow we will open the last of them! Then, we are going to go through his old toys & pick out the ones that he doesn't need anymore to give away. I talked about this plan with him before his birthday - so he knows it is coming - and is quite keen to give away some of his "baby" toys.

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