Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent Calendar 2011

There have been lots of great ideas for advent calendars floating around this year. Julie shared some great ideas at Life on a Hill (with a list of kids' daily bible readings for December) and the Useful Box. My friend Glorya started talking about calendars with pockets & I started to think about a fabric calendar. I'd love to make one for next year - my sewing skills are more suited to something like this. Here are some more cool ideas I found:
168 hours
Women Bible Life
All crafts (heaps of ideas on this one)

This year, I went with Julie's present-style advent calendar. I have wrapped a "present" for each day - each containing a Christmas-related book or activity. I didn't buy anything new - the books are all from our bookshelf & the craft from resources from our craft cupboard. Some craft ideas are things I have done in the past (eg pasta Christmas wreaths), others I found on the Useful Box or on craft websites (there are heaps of ideas on DLTK). Here is a full list of our advent readings and activities. I printed labels for each day showing the verses to read from the bible & the activity for the day.

Mr Sociable, finding #1
I also have a Lightening McQueen chocolate advent calendar, which I bought on impulse at the supermarket, before I had spent much time thinking about how we were going to do Christmas this year. Mr Sociable is very excited at the thought of chocolate and he loves Cars!

I am hoping to write a weekly post about how we are going with the advent activities, so check back at the end of next week if you would like to see how the crafts turn out!

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