Monday, 29 August 2011

Protecting "super baby" from launching off the balcony

Our balcony has no railing. It's not that high (only 3 steps at the highest point), but kids seem to have this fascination with climbing off it, jumping off it and driving toys off it. When Mr Sociable was smaller, I remember watching him go head-first over the end of the balcony into the dirt - his whole body flipping over, his entire weight on his head/neck. It was a horrifying moment, seeing his neck twist unnaturally - too late to catch him. He was fine - covered in dirt, very upset - but otherwise ok. Since then I've been a bit wary about the high end of the balcony. So, it worries me when Mr Fun thinks it would be a good idea to climb down the concrete stairs.
We've been halfway through this project for a long time - fixing shades to the side of the balcony. But today, spurred on by an adventurous baby, I finally finished it. I like that we now have a shady area for the kids to play in the sand, or on the mini-tramp, without me worrying that Mr Fun is going to dive over the edge. As a bonus, I can now use the stairs for plants - because this area gets great afternoon sun!
Inside, all nice and neat
Inside, full of kid stuff
Outside - the steps now covered in plants

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