Friday, 5 August 2011

DIY drool-resistant bibs

Babies drool... lots! Rather than constantly changing wet clothes, I put a bib on Mr Fun most of the time. But I have discovered it's actually quite hard to find nice, waterproof bibs. Shop-bought bibs often boast that they are 100% cotton (which is pretty useless for keeping clothes dry) or are plastic backed (which doesn't let babies' skin breathe).

So, I have started making my own - cotton at the front, polar fleece at the back. The polar fleece repels the liquid, but is still breathable. The bibs are pretty drool-resistant (lasting for 3-4 hours), but not totally waterproof (eg. if a whole cup of water is spat onto them, some will go through).

longer and shorter length bibs

Here's how I make them:
1. Lay out an existing bib on top of a piece of paper & trace out the shape. Modify it to make a shape you like (eg. I've made some shorter ones for younger babies & some longer ones for older babies). I found it easier to overlock when the top ends were shaped as a point, rather than rounded.
2. Pin your paper pattern onto a piece of thick cotton (eg. corduroy) & cut out the shape. Repeat on a piece of polar fleece.
3. Pin the polar fleece and cotton pieces together and overlock the edges.
4. Hand sew a press-stud at the top.

front (orange corduroy) and back (green polar fleece)


glorya said...

these look great, Erin!!! I wish I could sew :)

Erin said...

Thanks Glorya :) I've done a lot more sewing since getting the overlocker - seems to make everything so much easier! I love being able to make useful stuff - and little things like bibs use up offcuts of fabric that I have saved when making pants for Calvin. I still only sew pretty basic stuff - but I am learning as I go!

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