Friday, 12 August 2011

Bob the Snake*

We have had another week of 'sick' this week (read: a LOT of time at home). Today I suggested to Mr Sociable that we should make a snake. I got the idea from here. He took a little bit of convincing that it was worth getting his hands messy.

This was not too messy...

 ... but this was?!?

Once we got started, he enjoyed covering the toilet rolls in tissue paper. We used yellow foam pieces for the eyes and I cut a piece of red ribbon to shape for the tongue. Once it was dry, I punched holes at each end of the toilet rolls - on top and underneath. I threaded the toilet rolls together (on top and underneath) with green curling ribbon, leaving a little slack so that the snake bends.

top view


* In case you were wondering - yes, Mr Sociable did name him :)

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