Tuesday, 27 March 2012

When spontaneity is splendiferous

I have always been a planner - I like to organise activities, I like to invite friends to do things with me. Since having kids, I have become even more of a planner - juggling weekend obligations (such as birthday parties, time with extended family, church commitments), organising catch-ups with other families (who are likewise busy), making sure that we have "family" time and that Franky & I have time together as a couple. But, from time to time, I experience the freedom of spontaneity and I love it! I love looking outside at an unexpectedly sunny day and saying to my kids, "let's go to the farm today". Today was one of those splendiferously spontaneous days.

On the weekend, we went to visit some old friends on the other side of Sydney. It was lovely to catch up and the kids had a ball. On the way home, Mr Fun fell asleep in the car. I looked outside at the beautiful, sunny day and had a sudden urge to go to the beach. I suggested it to Franky - Mr Fun was already asleep - we might as well make the most of it and keep driving! Franky was a little unsure, but didn't take too much convincing. We stopped by our house to collect our swimmers and the kids' PJs and drove to Cronulla. We spent the afternoon at Shelley Beach - playing in the playground, going to the beach and had fish and chips for dinner.

Yes, the kids went gone to bed quite a bit later than usual. Yes, our routine was thrown out for the day and I didn't get the washing done. I couldn't do this every day - our house would be a mess and our kids would be all over the place (plus, I don't think that my planner brain would be very happy...). But I'm so glad that we did it that day! We all had a great time, enjoying the sunshine and the sea. We created some awesome family memories.

Mr Sociable helping his brother to hold on
Franky and Mr Sociable looking at the sky and dreaming
Fun times!

When did you last do something totally spontaneous? How did it go?

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