Wednesday, 21 March 2012

We bought a great box (with a bonus piano) - Wordless Wednesday

Earlier this week, I wrote about buying a piano. One of the great things about buying the piano is that it came with a great box! Immediately, I started to make plans for turning it into a truck...

"Jack is hiding down in his box until someone opens the lid... POP!"

Making the truck

Testing out the back door

Using our much-loved mini rollers to paint the truck
In future craft sessions this week, I am planning to add a steering wheel (using a split pin & plastic plate) and wheels (probably just from black paper with alfoil mags).

But, even it it's unfinished form, the box truck has already had a lot of play. Mr 4 had a playdate yesterday - they spent a long time playing "rescue" with the new truck (wearing fireman and policeman outfits).

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