Thursday, 22 March 2012

DIY edible paint

A few weeks ago, my friend told me about making edible paint for her 1 year old to play with. I was keen to have a go! So I found this recipe and made some paint with the boys. It was really easy! My colours are much more vibrant than those pictured in the recipe - I think I must have used a lot more food colour!

First, we mixed the cornflour and cold water (2 cups cornflour, 1 cup cold water). Next, we added 4.5 cups boiling water (2 cups at a time) & mixed it all up.

I divided the mixture into 7 smaller containers and used food dye to colour them. Mr Sociable helped to mix in the colour. Mr Fun mixed a little, but mostly tasted it ;)

As you can see, this recipe makes quite a lot of paint. I have put the leftovers in the fridge to use another day. You may want to halve the quantities if you don't want so much!

I scooped out small blobs of paint into an egg carton. Once the boys had finished painting, I scooped the leftover paint back into the containers to go in the fridge. Then I put the egg carton in the compost. Easy clean up!

Mr Sociable painted some flowers, experimented with mixing colours and making handprints.

Mr Fun painted a little, ate a little and then wandered off. He came back for more after a while and then decided it was more fun it paint with the water from the cup. 

This was quite a bit of prep for a short time painting. But, making the paint was half the fun! I really like knowing exactly what is in it - no big deal if Mr 1 eats a spoonful of the paint! Thankfully we have a lot left over, so should get another couple of painting sessions before we need to make more.

Have you ever made paint? What are the funniest things your kids have painted?

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