Sunday, 1 April 2012

I made a balloon ball!

Tonight while the kidlets were sleeping, I decided to make a fabric balloon ball. I found a free pattern for these a while ago & I have been keen to make one with some dinosaur fabric that a friend gave me. I'm planning to take one camping with us in the holidays. A balloon ball is light (so it won't damage things in a tent), packs away very small once deflated and is safer for babies than a regular balloon.

I was a bit surprised how quick this project was!

Empty, finished ball
The trickiest parts were the two ends, but I found it didn't matter if the pieces didn't quite match up, I just mowed straight over the top of them with the overlocker and they turned out fine! You could still sew one of these quite easily with a regular machine - you would just need to be a little more careful to match the pentagonal ends to the side pieces.

The top piece has an opening, so you can insert the balloon
The bottom
It had an eggy balloon shape - I may have inflated the balloon too much!
I'm excited about playing with this with the boys tomorrow. It bounces quite well.

I'm pretty happy with it! Going to make a few to put in the present box (would be a good first birthday present).


Hutspace said...

don't sew then checkout for ready made fabric balloon covers - balloon balls - balloon buddies ...

Hutspae said...

Purchased a Pukeko one from

Erin said...

I purchased some awesome 'monster' creature balloon balls, the kids just love them,

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