Monday, 9 January 2012

When Franky's shirt turned into pants

At Christmas, I made both boys some shorts to wear on Christmas day. Mr Sociable loved the way that they were "cool" (ie. loose-fitting, thin cotton). He told me that he would like to wear them every day. Rather than risk having the dirtiest and stinkiest 4 year old in my street, I decided to make him some more "cool" shorts. Instead of buying more fabric, I cut up some old clothes that Franky & I no longer wear.

The Christmas shorts (they are red with gold stars)
These shorts are made from an old work shirt of Franky's:
I'll admit these ones look a bit like pyjamas - even when Franky
used to wear them as a work shirt, they looked a bit pyjama-ish.
These are from a wrap-skirt I used to wear:
Really thin sarong-type fabric, blue with yellow elephants
These are from a sarong of mine:
Again, soft sarong fabric with yellow elephants

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