Monday, 16 January 2012

Organising teeny tiny lego

We have recently entered the world of teeny tiny lego... a bit earlier than I had planned. We have a great collection of duplo, which the three of us can play together. Which is why I've been a bit hesitant to introduce little lego - those pieces are too teeny tiny for Mr Fun!

But Mr Sociable was given some teeny lego for his birthday. He was really excited about it (it was a police set), so we put it together. I brought out my old lego from when I was a kid, along with some cool hand-me-down space lego we were given a while ago. We've been playing with it for a few weeks now and Mr Sociable LOVES it! But, with so much cool lego all stored in one box, it was really hard to find the pieces that we want. So I started to think about a better way to store it. I went to Bunnings, looking for a big box with lots of compartments. I found these boxes, which I love! They were 3 for $20 and have so many little compartments.

I sorted all the teeny bits of lego into type (roof tiles, doors/windows, wheels, car steering wheels, etc).

The great thing about these storage cases is that the individual little boxes are removable too, so Mr Sociable can get out the boxes that he needs.

I put all the regular blocks & large pieces into an IKEA tub, which is big enough to fit the storage cases inside.

Since sorting out the lego, Mr Sociable has been able to play more independently with the teeny tiny lego, finding the bits that he wants (although, when his creations finally depart from our dining table, I suspect I will have to help him sort all the pieces back into the right boxes).

Loving the lego!

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