Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Big boy chairs for the dining table

I know that Mr Sociable is a bit old to still be using a booster-chair at the table. But it's so convenient! He can reach the table easily, it has sides so he doesn't wobble around in his chair and it just clips onto one of our regular dining chairs. He loves eating out - when he gets to use a "grown-up chair" and, every now and then, he asks me when he can stop using a booster chair at home.

Yesterday, some friends gave us a couple of wooden bar chairs that they no longer needed. I decided to cut the legs to the right height for Mr Sociable to use at the table. 

Mr Fun & I did this project together today while Mr Sociable was at Prep. Mr Fun was "helping" me to saw the legs using a ruler. He looked so cute! I measured the seat height of his current chair/booster combination and measured the new chair to work out how much I would need to cut off. I measured and marked the right spot on each leg (15cm from the bottom), the sawed it off. Thankfully the metal legs already had little plastic plugs in the end of them, so I was able to use them again (ensuring that the legs wouldn't scratch the floorboards). 

The full-size bar-chair on the left, the cut-down chair on the right.

Mr Sociable thought it was very funny to try and look
silly in every photo I took. But here he is, eating dinner. 

Mr Fun really liked sitting in this chair too (and was able to climb
on/off by himself). I think I will need to cut the other chair too!

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