Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wind-catcher craft

This afternoon, the boys and I made a cool wind-catcher from simple craft materials. 

1. Use a hole-punch or a skewer to punch 4 holes around the top of a paper cup.

2. Decorate the cup (you could use paint, stickers, glitter, pencils, crayons, etc). We used oil pastels. Yes, Mr Sociable only coloured his black. Mr Fun coloured his green and brown, but then didn't want me to attach any strings to it!

3. Cut 4 lengths of fishing line (about 40cm each). 

4. Tie different craft materials onto the fishing line. We used sequins, feathers, bells, bows and a butterfly. 

5. Use a pipe cleaner to make a small hole in the base of the cup. Thread the ends of the pipe cleaner through to form a large loop for hanging your cup. Twist the pipe cleaner inside the cup to secure it. 

6. Hang on a hook. 

We have actually put ours in the dining room for the moment, so it doesn't get much wind. We had fun blowing on it and using the placemats to create "wind" to make the bells chime. Once it has been displayed for a few days, I am planning to move it to the boys' room, in front of the window.

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