Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pirate Treasure Hunt

The boys had a treasure hunt on Sunday while I was out. It was lots of fun! I have included the clues so you know what is going on (please excuse the poor poetry - I had to write them very quickly before I left!)


Clue 1:
Clear the lunch things from the table,
Find the next clue if you're able.

Clue 2:
Autumn leaves fall from the tree,
Collect some in a bag for me.
When twenty leaves you have found,
Find the next clue on the ground.

Clue 3:
Go to the place we keep our supplies,
Make sure you're wearing a pirate disguise.
Look next to the box of self-raising flour,
You can't use the light - it has no power.

Clue 4:
Make sure that Sammy and Pepper are fed,
Then go to the place where you lay your head.

Clue 5:
Stop on your bed for some tickling fun
Then go to the place where the washing gets sun.
Dig in the dirt straight under the cross,
Help your brother to dig - be a kind boss.

4 year old pirate treasure - a matchbox plane!

Mr 4 enjoyed the pirate game so much that Franky helped him to make a pirate picture (complete with burnt edges for authenticity!).

My Little Drummer Boys


Glorya said...

that's excellent!!!! 
I thought, "Wow, he's getting a pair birkenstock" ;)

Trish said...

Oh that looked like so much fun.
Great photos.

Thanks for linking up

Erin @ Lohtown Life said...

Thanks Trish. It was fun :)

Erin @ Lohtown Life said...

Haha - I could do with some more birkenstocks...

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