Monday, 11 June 2012

Slim-fit t-shirt for Mr Fun

I've never made a t-shirt before, nor have I done much sewing with stretch fabric. But it's on my list of things to learn this year. I cut out the fabric for Mr Fun's t-shirt at least a month ago, maybe more, and I've been avoiding sewing it together. So this long weekend, I decided it was time to finish it off. It only took a couple of hours and I'm really happy with the finished product.

I bought the pattern online from Made by Rae. It is very easy to follow, with photos of each step. A great pattern for stretch fabric novices.

If you've been thinking about upcycling some old t-shirts into shirts for kids (size 1-5), this would be a great place to start :)


Julie said...

Looks good! Did you upcycle it, or buy the stretch fabric?

Erin @ Lohtown Life said...

I used some stretch fabric that I already have. I do have a couple of my old (pre-baby) t-shirts that I would like to use now that this one was a success!

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