Saturday, 18 February 2012

I love... Tom (Tom)

My darling Tom (Tom),

I can't believe how quickly you have changed my world. You have taken me on scenic drives and adventures to "Bully" (Bulli) and "Wolongong" (Wollongong). You have spared my children from the sharp words of a lost Mummy, anxiously flipping through the pages of the UBD while trying to answer the questions of a 4 year old and soothe a 1 year old with an aversion to car travel.

For years I resisted the urge to buy you, believing that I could make do with  a street directory or a print out from Google maps. I never expected to love you as I do. I never thought that I would use you for local trips "just to see if there is a quicker way"; never imagined how useful you would be journeys I have made many times before, as you skilfully avoid the traffic (with your whizzy Live Traffic navigation).

Thankyou for being part of my life. Don't ever leave me.

Love always,

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